On the request of many

Groups that travel through the Holy land going from south to north, from Jerusalem to Galilee regularly visit the Family Centre. Quite often they stay for a meal, and are telling us that they would have liked to stay longer. Visitors are also telling us that they want to undertake small scale supportive social and encouraging projects for the local community. The Centre also provides an ideal pleasant environment for a retreat or for community meetings.

Through a longer stay the guests can form a better impression what it means to live in this region, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. The building of the guesthouse creates employment, and is meant to contribute to the exploitation of the Centre, in order to make the Centre self-sufficient on the longer term.
For the local population, that lives rather isolated, it is a way to establish contacts with others, and to realize that they are not forgotten, and that the outside world is interested in their lives.

Progress of the building

On the top floor of the Centre are at the moment eleven guestrooms are being built. The outer and inner dividing wall’s have already been erected. The guestrooms are being built three phases. Within the first phase , the electrical and the laying of leads and pipes in the floor and up walls has been  completed.  The next  phase which has to be done  is the plastering of the walls  and  tiling  the floor. To finish this phase we still need 2,7000 euro.