The current projects in the Center and the project Extension of the Center


Now that the Center is well used, we are expanding the Center with a Guesthouse.

During the construction of the Center, guests who want to stay in the Center for some time were taken into account from the start. For example, guests can be experts from abroad who participate in a project within the Center for a short or longer period of time. It could be visitors passing through on a tour through the Holy Land. We also want to offer an opportunity to go into retreat for some time in the Center.

The Guesthouse is located on the second floor of the Center and has 11 rooms for guests. It is being build in phases. At this point, the masonry and electrical and mechanical infrastructure phases has been completed and we are starting to plaster the walls and tile the floors and bathrooms. This requires another 27,000 euros.

We give donors the opportunity to sponsor a room. When a donor sponsors a room, the room will be named after the donor, and he will be able to stay at the Guesthouse with a significant discount. Donors can sponsor a room for 10,000 euros.

We plan to open the Guesthouse before the summer of 2022.

Family Centre

There is a daily nursery on the ground floor. There are 30 children daily and it has a staff of four teachers. The floor is beautifully furnished and has kitchen facilities.

After September, a kindergarten will be started on the first floor. The toddlers and preschoolers are the permanent residents of the Center. At the request of the mothers, regular meetings have been planned and a qualified Leader has started courses in health care and care for the children. Summer camps are organized for the older children, there is a regular Bible club that numbers up to 100 children, and festive gatherings are organized for the youth at Easter and Christmas. Children and the children’s parents meet in the playground and in the adjacent cafeteria.

The costs of childcare and kindergarten are borne by the parents. For our other projects we depend on donations.

Humanitarian Activities

Many inhabitants of Zababdeh live in difficult circumstances. That is why the Center organizes actions to support the residents with their primary needs.

For example, during the Corona crises, food packages were put together, which were distributed among residents without income. They also help on an individual basis with paying bills for energy, school and medicines. Something extra is also done during the holidays for the most needy residents of Zababdeh. This usually takes place in consultation with the spiritual leaders and the mayor.

We depend on donations for our humanitarian activities.