Support Tabitha Ministries financially

Donations are gratefully accepted. Your donation will go entirely to the projects of Tabitha Ministries.

Donors and sponsors

 You can become a sponsor of a project and use your donation very specifically for this project.

These destinations are:

  • Humanitarian aid: assistance to families who are struggling to make a living due to poor economic conditions;
  • Guesthouse: the construction and completion of the Guesthouse in Zababdeh;
  • Youth programs: festive gatherings on high days for the youth and summer camps for the children.

If you do not give your donation a destination, it will be used for humanitarian aid.

Tabitha has a circle of institutions and private individuals who are Tabitha’s donors and who give periodically. Tabitha wants to expand this circle of donors and hopes you will join.

Would you like to become a donor? Download the authorization form below and mail it to Or transfer your gift to the bank account number:
IBAN: NL 15 RABO 0362 2070 97 in the name of Foundation Tabitha Ministries NL.

Prefer to arrange it in a different way? Please send us an e-mail with your name and telephone number or address.
We will be happy to contact you.


An ANBI is a public benefit organization. Tabitha has had ANBI status since its foundation. That’s because Tabitha is 100% committed to the common good. Tabitha also meets the requirements that are set for an ANBI:

  • Tabitha and the people directly involved in it meet integrity requirements;
  • The foundation uses all its assets to carry out its projects;
  • The directors do not receive any remuneration;
  • Tabitha is a volunteer organization;
  • Tabitha has an up-to-date policy plan;
  • Tabitha keeps an insightful administration;
  • Tabitha publishes his year report on the web.

Because Tabitha is an ANBI, it has a number of tax benefits. For example, Tabitha does not pay inheritance tax or gift tax for inheritances and gifts that Tabitha uses for its projects. Tabitha donors may deduct their donations from their income or corporate tax. By making use of the tax benefit, donors can donate more with the same money.