Started finishing the Guesthouse

There are eleven double rooms in the Guesthouse. During the construction of the Centre, the outer and inner walls of the Guesthouse were already built. Now the finishing has started.

We have divided the construction into three phases. In the first phase, all pipes for electricity and water will be laid, the walls will be plastered and the floors tiled.

In the second phase, the rooms will be completed. Doors and windows are installed, ceilings are lowered where necessary, the spaces are painted and air-conditioned. In the third phase, the spaces will be upholstered and furnished.

We are currently in the first phase. The pipes for electricity and water have been laid, we are now busy plastering the walls. This phase will be completed with the tiling of the floors. We hope to complete this after the summer.

A lot of money is still needed for construction. We depend on your donations. We are now asking for your donation for completing the first phase. We still need 27,000 euros for that.

We will also start an action for sponsoring a room this fall. Room sponsors can use the Guesthouse at a reduced rate. The sponsor’s name will be mentioned on the door of the room. A room can be sponsored for 10,000 euros.